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God will save atheists?

Apologetics Press has an article entitled,

Pope Francis Claims God Will Save Atheists

It is well worth reading.

Why Must The Church Of Christ Preach/Teach The Truth? – part 1

We live in a world that has developed the attitude of ‘go-along’ to ‘Get-along’.   Many are either afraid to speak out or don’t care enough to take a stand.  Some may wonder why members of the church of Christ even bother to speak out on moral issues and other problems in our society.   Continue reading

Where In The Bible Will I Find… That “Signs” Will Mark Jesus’ Return?

 Confusion will always be in the minds of those who refuse to “know the truth” by which we can be free (John 8:31-32). Some today are singing the premillennial song, “Jesus Is Coming Soon” advancing the thought that the “signs are right” for Christ’s second coming. Continue reading