Was gambling approved of in Bible times?

Some have wondered if casting lots in the Bible is a form of gambling. Lots were used to assign tribal lands (Numbers 26:55), to rotate offices (1 Chronicles 24:5), to identify law offenders (Jonah 1:7), and to select replacements (Acts 1:26). This was not gambling, for no money was wagered in these transactions. It also involved no chance. God was in control of the process and determined the outcome. Solomon wrote, “The lot is cast into the lap: but the whole disposing thereof is of Jehovah” (Proverbs 16:33).  Continue reading “Was gambling approved of in Bible times?”


* The typical gambler, according to John Goodman of Focus on the Family, is a male in his thirties without any financial resources. He is deeply in debt to banks, loan companies, credit card companies, friends, business associates, and his family. He is behind in mortgage payments, car payments, utility payments, and has no life or disability insurance, or hospitalization coverage.

* A study of financial liabilities accumulated by gamblers found that the typical addict is from $53,000 to $92,000 in debt. The average compulsive gambler’s debts exceed $80,000. Continue reading “HARMLESS FUN”