The Gospel’s Power To Save, By R. L. Whiteside

There must be some connection made between power and the thing to be moved. There is great power in a locomotive, but it cannot move the train of cars till proper connection is made with power.

There is sufficient power in the gospel to move every sinner out of sin into the blessings of salvation, but that power moves no one until proper connections are made. Continue reading “The Gospel’s Power To Save, By R. L. Whiteside”

What is Evagelism?

What, exactly, is “evangelism?” As good a definition as we might hope to find comes from Reader’s Digest (of all places!). While exploring the back roads of County Leitrim, in Ireland, a couple lost their way. They spotted a farmer leading his cow to pasture and stopped him. The wife said, “Excuse me, could you direct us to Mohill? We’re lost.” A lovely smile creased the man’s leathery face. “You’re not lost at all, do y’see, for you’ve found me,” he answered, “and I know the way.” Evangelism is helping others find the way to heaven. It is not “taking the world for Christ,” but taking Christ to the world (Mk. 16:15).

From House to House/Heart to Heart