There’s No Place Like Home – by Steve Higginbotham

Someone has said that there is no place like home – especially if you don’t have the money to go out. Well now, that’s a rather cynical view of the home, isn’t it. However, in far too many instances, homes are something people are trying to escape. What God originally gave to us for our own good, we have managed to pervert so that instead of a blessing, the home has become a drudgery.

What is the key to rekindling the love that ought to exist in your marriage? What do you do when you find you and your spouse going opposite directions and growing apart? Continue reading “There’s No Place Like Home – by Steve Higginbotham”

A Diamond Ring — By Steve Higginbotham

While preaching in a gospel meeting, I had the opportunity to have lunch across the table from a little 8‐year‐old girl. I noticed she had a “diamond” ring on her finger so I decided to have a little fun with her. I asked her, “What does a girl get from a man who wants to marry her, and it begins with the letter “D.” Continue reading “A Diamond Ring — By Steve Higginbotham”

A Faithful Man, Who Can Find?

Proverbs 20:6 asks a very sobering question…“But a faithful man – who can find?” If ever there was a day when our world needed faithful men, today is the day!

Listen, men – our world needs us today more than ever. Our world needs us to be Godly men. Your wife needs you to be a Godly man. Your children need you to be a Godly man. The church needs you to be a Godly man. Your business needs you to be a Godly man. Your community and your nation need you to be a Godly man. The whole world needs more men behaving Godly!  Continue reading “A Faithful Man, Who Can Find?”