10 Things I Wish the World Knew About Jesus (part 2) by Allen Webster


“The Word became flesh and dwelt among us” (John 1:14). God could have chosen to send Jesus into the world as a fully grown and sinless man. He could have quickly died on the cross and gone back to heaven. Instead, Jesus was miraculously conceived in Mary’s womb as a baby (Matthew 1:23Luke 1:35; cf. Isaiah 7:14). He lived a common life for thirty years, an extraordinary life for forty months, and an excruciating life for six hours. 

So about ninety percent of His earthly existence was spent living as an average person. He came from a common family, wore a common name, did common work, ate common food, spoke a common language, and had common responsibilities.

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The Time Jesus Got Sick

There is no record of Jesus getting sick on earth. Perhaps He had childhood colds, the occasional stomach ache, or the flu. We don’t know; the Bible doesn’t say.

The only time Scripture records Jesus being sick is after He returned to heaven. It is found in Revelation 3. Continue reading “The Time Jesus Got Sick”