As the weather warms up, we generally wear less and/or lighter clothing. There is nothing wrong with adjusting our clothing to fit the weather so long as our clothing adequately covers our bodies. The fashion of the world, of course, is to wear scanty, provocative clothing, especially when the weather is warm. Unfortunately, some in the church will be influenced more by the fashion of the world than they are by the word of the Lord. Continue reading “WARM WEATHER AND IMMODEST DRESS”


While holding a meeting in north Alabama, this writer had the pleasure of visiting in the home of an elder of a nearby congregation. His two teenage daughters were truly refreshing. They did not attend their high school prom, did not swim with boys at the public pool, and positively never wore clothes that were immodest. These were not strange girls. They were pretty, popular girls heavily involved in all kinds of school activities. They were confident and courageous. No doubt these girls will live rich, full, and joyful lives.

In The Visitor, the Adamsville, Alabama church bulletin, Tim Rice wrote under the date of February 21, 1995: Continue reading “RESTORING THE CODE OF DECENCY”

DOES HOW YOU DRESS PLEASE GOD? By Dave Rogers (part 2)

 When we discuss “what’s immodest,” someone nearly always brings up a variation on Justice Potter Stewart’s comment (about pornography), to the effect that “I can’t define (it), but I know what it is when I see it.”[1] I am not convinced that we do know what immodesty is when we see it! Christians shouldn’t have a problem understanding … Continue reading “DOES HOW YOU DRESS PLEASE GOD? By Dave Rogers (part 2)”