Question: Why does God not answer some prayers of his faithful children?

  A: But he does! He answers every prayer his faithful children pray. True, he does not always say “Yes.” Often times his answer is, “No.” But, the “No” is as much an answer to the petition as the “Yes,” and springs from the same motive. When a child, for example, because of its immaturity, makes a request of its parents which, for the child’s welfare, they must refuse, Continue reading “Question: Why does God not answer some prayers of his faithful children?”

Suggestions In Leading Public Prayers

Any brother in Christ who engages in the leading of a public prayer takes on a weighty responsibility. His prayer must be the prayer of all those whom he is endeavoring to lead into the presence of God (Hebrews 4:14-16 – NKJV; cf. Ephesians 2:18 – NKJV).

Here are a few suggestions for efficient, worshipful leading in public prayer: Continue reading “Suggestions In Leading Public Prayers”

Practical Suggestions on Prayer

Pray Immediately Upon Rising

In what better way can we begin the day than by thanking God for His protection and care during the night and by asking His guidance and help during the coming day. Pray Before Every Meal God has provided for our every need in such a bountiful manner. Surely, the least we can do is express our gratitude as we sit down to enjoy each meal! When we eat in restaurants, a few moments of silent prayer may serve for the audible prayer which we pray around our tables at home. Continue reading “Practical Suggestions on Prayer”