What An Eldership Would Like To See In A Preacher, by James Williams

What should an eldership look for in a preacher? Seldom will an elder place greater significance on this question than when selecting a new preacher. However, our expectations of a current preacher should be no less than that of a prospective preacher.

Most of us know men who were considered “sound” gospel preachers only a few years ago. Now, some of those preachers cannot be described as true to the word of god. God gave the responsibility to elders to “feed the church of God.” God also warned that “grievous wolves would enter in not sparing the flock” (Acts 20:28-29). Words such as these charge elders with the duty to look for these qualities in a preacher: Continue reading “What An Eldership Would Like To See In A Preacher, by James Williams”

Free To Preach

Our report this month is taken from the active life of our beloved Rue Porter. In March of 1954 while Uncle Rue was traveling in his work he came upon a Roman Catholic Bishop in a rail-road depot and visited with him for about twenty minutes. The Bishop told Rue of his work and when brother Porter told him that he was a preacher too, the Bishop asked, “But where are your clergyman’s clothes?” Continue reading “Free To Preach”