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“Back to the Bible” Still the right thing to do, Carl B. Garner (Part 2)

Back to the Bible for our Authority

That which “authorizes” most worship today is “I like it” rather than “God said it.” Entertainment is high on every agenda, and how ‘pretty” it sounds has become the major criterion for how and where a person worships today. Going back to the Bible will cause us to follow the Holy Spirit’s imperative that we worship God “in spirit and in truth,” John 4:24, and “decently and in order,” I Corinthians 14:40. When we recognize God’s authority, He will be pleased while we are edified and strengthened. Continue reading

“Back To The Bible” Still The Right Thing To Do, Carl B. Garner (Part 1)


“It has been over 150 years since the following words were written:

“If you can induce a community to doubt the genuineness and authenticity of the Scriptures, to question the reality and obligations of religion; to hesitate, undeciding. Whether there be any such thing as virtue or vice; whether there he an eternal state of retribution beyond the grave; or whether there be any such being as God. you have broken down the barriers of mural virtue, and hoisted the flood-gates of immorality and crime.”

These thoughts are from the McGuffey’s Reader of 1854, the book from which most of our great-great grandparents learned to read. Yes, they are quite clear, very specific and extremely critical of a mindset that now has taken over our own nation’s thinking process. Continue reading