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The Shocking Truth Of The Alligator That Bit The Electric Eel

Here is an excellent article with powerful spiritual lessons.  Please take a few minutes to read it.

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 “We need to call sin by its right name and expose it before the world for what it is…We might label a bottle of strychnine some soft drink but doing so would not change its nature…We can’t sugar-coat sin, Underneath the surface it is still sin and that is all one can make of it. All the sorrow, woe, bitterness, violence, heartaches, shame and tragedy between man’s fall and his final redemption can be summed up on one word: sin. One sin can put a stigma of disgrace on a person that a lifetime of restitution cannot lift.”Foy L. Smith (1944). via Oldham Lane church of ChristBULLETINDIGEST.com