Calamity Cain

In 1852, Martha Jane Cannary, a.k.a., Calamity Jane, was born. When she was 14 years of age her mother died, and then just one year later her father passed away. Following his death, Calamity Jane found work as a scout at Fort Russell. She was well known for being a good shot and an outdoors adventurer. There are many speculations on how she got her nickname, none of which can be factually verified; however one thing is certain. Calamity seemed to strike this western frontierswoman everywhere she went.

There is another famous individual that was known for his travels, as well as the calamity that followed him, albeit by his own volition. His name was Cain. Continue reading “Calamity Cain”

Indecision Keeps Us from Participating in the Victory

They were called to war. But they stayed home discussing what to do. For their “great indecision,” they did not go to the front, but sat among the flocks listening to the whistles of the shepherds. They missed out on Israel’s victory! What a shameful moment for the tribe of Reuben! (For this account, see Judges 5:15-16).

Some Bible versions translated their great indecision as great searches of the heart, or they thought long and hard about it. So long in fact, that they never got up and went. Perhaps they even affirmed their decision, but they failed to grab their arms and go to war. Continue reading “Indecision Keeps Us from Participating in the Victory”