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Three Questions About Speaking In Tongues – by Jim Dearman (Questions 2 and 3)

Question #2. “Who was able to speak in tongues during New Testament times?” There were three groups in the New Testament who could speak in tongues, or languages they had never studied. The first group was the apostles, as we have already noted. They received the baptism of the Holy Spirit on Pentecost which gave them this power. Continue reading

Three Questions About Speaking in Tongues, By Jim Dearman (1st Question)

Many people say they are able to speak in tongues today as some in New Testament times did. They claim this power is given by the Holy Spirit. By looking at three questions about tongue speaking we can know whether or not this miraculous gift is still available today.  Continue reading

Do churches of Christ practice tongue-speaking? By, Todd Clippard

Churches of Christ do not practice tongue-speaking. We believe all miraculous manifestations of the Holy Spirit ceased shortly after the end of the first-century. On our website http://www.housetohouse.com, Bob Pritchard addresses this very thing. Here is a portion of his comments: “Miracles have not continued to the present, because the Bible said they would cease. Continue reading