A week of good thoughts

Suppose we start this very day To live our lives in a different way; Suppose we vowed and constantly tried To help those in trouble on life’s wayside; If we showed by our deeds a hint of His love Wouldn’t earth be a bit more like heaven above?

ON MONDAY: Look for a smile today and return it with one of your own. Give someone faith and hope, it’s such a beautiful loan. Continue reading “A week of good thoughts”

A Truly Healthy Diet Plan — By Gerald Cowan

This is about the time of the year when it becomes apparent that the diet plan you included in your New Year’s Resolutions is working – or is not working, again. You went through this last year too, didn’t you?

For a healthy diet there are things you must avoid. They are not good for you.

• Do not eat humble pie. This is usually nothing but self-pity, a put-on that adds to your other problems. Continue reading “A Truly Healthy Diet Plan — By Gerald Cowan”