Hebrews 11 is a thrilling account of men and women who, despite their mistakes, were faithful to God. Among those mentioned in this text is faithful Moses. His service to God is summarized in Hebrews 11:23-29. Moses, like us today, lived in a corrupt world. How did he make it through the trials of life without giving up? I want to make five observations of how Moses was able to live in a world so corrupt. Continue reading “HOW CAN I LIVE TODAY IN A WORLD SO CORRUPT?”


While holding a meeting in north Alabama, this writer had the pleasure of visiting in the home of an elder of a nearby congregation. His two teenage daughters were truly refreshing. They did not attend their high school prom, did not swim with boys at the public pool, and positively never wore clothes that were immodest. These were not strange girls. They were pretty, popular girls heavily involved in all kinds of school activities. They were confident and courageous. No doubt these girls will live rich, full, and joyful lives.

In The Visitor, the Adamsville, Alabama church bulletin, Tim Rice wrote under the date of February 21, 1995: Continue reading “RESTORING THE CODE OF DECENCY”

”Oh, My God!”

Hardly a day goes by that we do not hear someone exclaim it. You hear it at work or school, at the bank or the supermarket, and sometimes even on the church parking lot. Television, no doubt, is the chief offender, with nearly every game show, soap opera, situation comedy, prime time drama, and movie using this phrase repeatedly.

It has become a faddish and clever saying. It is used to register alarm, surprise, delight, dismay, sarcasm, and almost every kind of response. Probably some cannot imagine why. Why does, or should, this phrase grate so upon the ears of Christian people’? Continue reading “”Oh, My God!””