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Encouragement, by Tom Moore

The late Tom Landry, coach of the Dallas Cowboys, once said, “My job is to make others do what they do not want to do in order that they can do what they have dreamed about doing all their lives.” Continue reading

There is Nothing for Me to Do

I am amazed at the number of people in the church who complain that there is nothing for them to do. By this they generally mean that the elders have not given them a specific assignment. Does this excuse them from not being active in the greatest cause on earth? No! Continue reading

The Gospel Is For All

One thing that impresses me more and more every time I go to Ghana is the fact that the gospel is for all. I did a lot of studying in the book of Acts for my teaching on this trip. In the book of Acts alone, we can clearly see the principle of the gospel being for literally everybody. Note the different classes of people to whom the gospel was taken in the early church: Continue reading